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1. Great mosque

2. Other 17th century mosques


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Great mosque
Testour, Tunisia

Testour, Tunisia

David stars on a minaret???

Testour, Tunisia

The minaret of the Great Mosque is really quite interesting, holding a number of details that tell each their story. The most noteworthy detail are the two David stars on the eastern side. I assume that these were an expression of the unity between Muslims and Jews after their expulsion from Andalucia.
The minaret is also said to be the only one in the world with a clock. That is not really true, as the holiest Shi'a mosques of Iraq have clocks on all sides of their secondary minarets.
The clock has its numbers symbolically placed backwards, expressing the wish of the locals to turn back the clock, to the times when they lived in Andalucia. It is right below the two windows, and has no longer any hands (top photo).
Also note the technique of using rubble stone in parts of the facace, surrounded by rectangular bricks. This is a style originating from Toledo.
Testour, Tunisia

By Tore Kjeilen