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1. Great mosque

2. Other 17th century mosques


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Other 17th century mosques
Testour, Tunisia

Testour, Tunisia

Mosques were very much a part of the city life in the 17th century when Testour was built. In this small town, as many as 14 were built, all along the main avenue.
All the minarets were built according to the same pattern, a square tower with a round crown at the top.
Their purpose, in addition to expressing the Islamic faith, were numerous. Businesses were run out of some, others were used for public meetings.
Prayer was still performed in all, but all this paints a fascinating image of a society where everything is religion, yet without fanaticism.
Testour, Tunisia

It almost looks like the mosque and minaret on the top photo, but it has more elaborate decorations. This is the Abdellatif mosque.

By Tore Kjeilen