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Thuburbo Majus

Thuburbo Majus

1. Capitol and the Forum

2. Baths

3. Sanitary functions

4. Temple of Mercury and Market

5. Other religious buildings

6. Palaestra of Petronii

7. House of Neptune

8. Oil press

9. Triumphal arches


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Temple of Mercury and Market
Thuburbo Majus, Tunisia

Thuburbo Majus, Tunisia

The tiny Temple of Mercury, from 118 CE, deviates obviously from the Roman plan for a temple. It is also one of few monumental buildings from before Thuburbo Majus became a municipality, probably reflecting the lasting impact of Punic culture here even after the Romans settled it 90 years earlier.
Eight columns formed a circle, an arrangement with African origins. Some of these still stand.
Little important can be said about the market (lower photo), it looks just like anywhere else in a Roman town, with its rectangular stalls. It was however quite small, only 19 times 19 metres. An octagonal slab lies in its middle, looking like something of a sundial.

By Tore Kjeilen