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Thuburbo Majus

Thuburbo Majus

1. Capitol and the Forum

2. Baths

3. Sanitary functions

4. Temple of Mercury and Market

5. Other religious buildings

6. Palaestra of Petronii

7. House of Neptune

8. Oil press

9. Triumphal arches


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Oil press
Thuburbo Majus, Tunisia

In the cellar of the Capitol, and note that nowhere else in Tunisia is there a remaining cellar in a capitol, the Byzantine built an oil press. The quarters here were originally used as public baths, but easy ways of making valuable products were of great importance to the far poorer Byzantine civilization.
The slap used to catch the oil is quite huge. Note that there is no hole in the middle any pillar, so I didn't make out how the pressing process for performed. Was it by hand, or was there another place where the actual pressing was done?

By Tore Kjeilen