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1. Ouled el Hadef

2. Doors and interiors

3. Marabout of Sidi Aguili

4. Shopping quarters

5. El Farkous Mosque

6. Dar Cherait Museum

7. The oasis

8. Village of Bled el-Haddar

9. Marabout of Sidi Bou Lifa

10. "Paradise" zoo and gardens

11. Weird Belvedere


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Weird Belvedere
Tozeur, Tunisia

Belvedere belongs to the early stage of tourist development of Tozeur, and the result is so kitsch that it almost is fascinating. An unknown local artist with Jeff Koons aspirations has been let lose on a large boulder, designing three faces. Mount Rushmore? But who is the model?
At nights the Belvedere is illuminated, in an attempt to please tourists at Tozeur's more expensive hotels.

By Tore Kjeilen