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1. Ouled el Hadef

2. Doors and interiors

3. Marabout of Sidi Aguili

4. Shopping quarters

5. El Farkous Mosque

6. Dar Cherait Museum

7. The oasis

8. Village of Bled el-Haddar

9. Marabout of Sidi Bou Lifa

10. "Paradise" zoo and gardens

11. Weird Belvedere


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Hotels and alternatives
Tozeur is an important tourist destination, and this is reflected in the selection of hotels and camping grounds. The value for money has improved in recent years, and some of the budget options here offer some of the best deals in all of Tunisia. Both for those with less money, and plenty of it, Tozeur has got it all. There are 3 camping grounds, but remember that in winter time, nights can be cold.

Restaurants and alternatives
Tozeur has many good value restaurants, many aiming at budget travellers. Along the Avenue Abdulkacem Chebbi there are many restaurants with menus posted next to the door.
Posh diners are found in the posh hotels.

There are some bars in Tozeur, all the ones aiming at foreign travellers are found in the better hotels.

Change Money
No problems. Banks, ATMs and exchange services in hotels. Most Western money is accepted (even smaller currencies like Norwegian kroners), and your only safe credit card options are VISA and MasterCard.

Good connections with shared taxis or buses in directions of Nefta, Gafsa (and beyond) and Kebili/Gabes.
Tozeur has also plenty of car rentals, where you can get a car on the spot, but where you should book a bit ahead if you want to get the car of your choice.

In summer, Tozeur can be extremely hot. In late August 2000 I experienced more than 45ºC (over 110ºF). This is not recommended for children, older travellers and anyone with a health condition.

By Tore Kjeilen