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1. House of Cascades

2. In-situ mosaics

3. Dead man in Forum

4. Punic necropolis

5. From the museum


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House of Cascades
Utica, Tunisia

Utica, Tunisia

Utica, Tunisia

The monumental fountain in the open courtyard.

The House of Cascades is the best preserved structure at Utica. This is quite unusual, it is not often that the best preserved building in an important ancient city was a private residence. Who its wealthy owner was, is today lost in the haze of history. It is recorded to have been built between 69 and 96 CE, at a time when Utica slowly was losing out to Carthage.
It is noted for its fountain decorated by mosaics, with a fishing scene in the northern room (second photo).
This house was very much arranged around the needs to entertain parties. Most of the floor space was spent on dining rooms and reception areas.

By Tore Kjeilen